BMW EdiaBas Inpa v 5.0.2 (full working version) + Instructions

BMW EdiaBas Inpa v 5.0.2 (full working version) + Instructions

Description BMW EdiaBas Inpa v 5.0.2 (full working version) + Instructions

BMW EdiaBas Inpa v 5.0.2 (full working version).


Hardware-software complex BMW INPA EDIABAS for professional diagnostics, coding and programming of electronic control units car brand BMW, Rolls Royce and Mini. The scanner has access to any computer of a vehicle. The read real-time parameters and test actuators allow to control the correct operation of any control.


Unlike previous versions Inpa / Ediabas v5.0, as well as the subsequent versions (5.0.2 and others) - a full 32-bit applications Windows, no problems running under Win98, NT and XP, as well as in VISTA and Win7 (in compatibility mode for XP).

The list of cars that are supported interface OBD: E36 (some), E38, E39, E46, E52, E53, E60, E65, E83, E85, E87, E90, Mini R50, Rolls Royce RR1

The list of cars that are supported interface ADS: E31, E32, E34, E36

The list of cars that are supported interface D-Can: E60, E61 03/2007; E83 from 09/2006; E81, E87 from 03/2007; E90, E91, E92, E93 from 03/2007; E70; R56

The list of supported ECU: All the BMW unreleased until now (except for the latest models of the series F).


Diagnostic capabilities:

- Identification of the parameters of the computer

- Read the faults

- Reading and deleting of fault codes

- Read real-time parameters

- Read the contents of the computer memory

- Conformity codes VIN and mileage in the memory of various ECM

- Coding of ECU

- Activation of the actuators

- Emulation of the various computer

- Activation / deactivation of engineering functions


When using the scanner you must be careful. The program contains special features and engineering mode, such as preservation of various ECM to reduce power consumption during prolonged parking. Accidental activation of this function most of the electronics of the car will go into "deep sleep" and you have to spend a lot of time for them to re-activate. A thoughtless use of an interpreter when creating your own diagnostic algorithms in general can lead to unpredictable consequences.


Minimum PC requirements:


    Operating system Windows® 98/2000 / XP / VISTA (in compatibility mode    for XP) / Win7 (in compatibility mode for XP);

    Processor Intel Pentium-II® 300 MHz or equivalent;

    The amount of RAM from 64MB;

    Free space on hard disk 400Mbps;

    COM-port or USB-port (depending on the version purchased adapter).


Scheme adapter - C: \ EDIABAS \ Hardware \ OBD (after installation)


Additional documentation includes:

Manual BMW INPA EdiaBas. English language. to PDF. Size 4 MB

Manual BMW INPA EdiaBas. German. to PDF. Size 1.5 MB

Installation manual BMW INPA EdiaBas. English lang. format DOC. Size 1 MB

Brief guide to coding using NCS Expert. Format DOC. Size of 30 KB.

Guide to Ediabas. Format DOC. Size - 633 KB.

instruction "How to encode using NCS Expert" in pictures. To PDF. 464 KB.

Instruction in the screenshots how to encode using NCS Expert. Size 1,6MB, to PDF.

Installation, configuration and use of NCS-Expert tool. The size of 68KB, to PDF.

Features / settings NCS Expert and their contents. Format DOC. The size of 85KB.

Instructions for use with DIS software and adapter INPA. To PDF. Size 3,5MB.

Quick Setup Inpa Ediabas (ediabas configurator). The size of 120KB.

Convenient wrapper for INPA. Based on the file InpaTree.xml - all Settings, inside. Size - 38KB.

Video Tuning Profile NCSExpert. Size 6,5MB. Format m4v.

Utility NCS Dummy (ease of NCSExpert). The size of 169KB.


Installation instructions found in the folder "Instructions"

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