Terms & Conditions

The customer acknowledges and agrees that all the code and specifications of the online store, as well as all other program codes and specifications, used for the operation of the service, are the subject of the appropriate licenses or agreements.

The software, presented on our site is intended for experienced users. Вefore placing an order recommended to study the product description.

The administration of the store is not responsible for misuse of software and all the consequences which this may cause.

The digital goods can be copied, therefore, after processing your order, a refund for the paid goods is not produced.

We provide a full refund in the following cases:

1) You have placed an order, made a payment, but your order was not completed  (you did not receive the goods);

2) If the product requires a license, then you can get a refund regardless of the status of the order until the license is transferred to you.

We do not provide refunds in the following cases:

1) You have placed an order, made payment and your order was completed  (you have received the goods);

2) The program does not match the technical parameters for your computer (it is not a reason for a refund);

3) You made a mistake and accidentally bought the wrong product (carefully read the description before paying);

4) You unreasonably demand a refund.

If you placed an order at our website, then you will automatically agree with the rules of our store.

Attention!!! Any attempt ofthe fraud lead to blocking of your account.