BMW I-Bac Generator and NF Order Code List

BMW I-Bac Generator and NF Order Code List

Description BMW I-Bac Generator and NF Order Code List

BMW I-Bac Generator and NF Order Code List.


I-BAC Generator Archive contains:


VIN CheckDigit.exe


For use with ISTA/P for conversions that require I-BAC codes. Don't mistake this for an FSC activation tool for NAV retrofits or SVS activation and etc.


NF order codes it is a list of all the conversions that can be performed with ISTA/P that require an I-Bac order code (activation). Each conversion has a different code, for example...


"Conversion, activate damp gearshift jolt - Code 003D" you than take the 003D enter it in IBAC generator along with a VIN."

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