Calcgen by I.S.A 2009

Calcgen by I.S.A 2009

Description Calcgen by I.S.A 2009

Universal Car Radio Code calculator from dump and serial number unit.


Calculator works with dumps Becker, Blaupunkt, Blaupunkt - Card, VW Delco, Matsushita, Honda, Grundig and Phillips.

This program allows you to unlock almost any radio until 2009.

It may also find the code numbers by serial numbers Blaupunkt, Becker, Ford and Renault.



Tested on many old and new Becker models: BE0xxx - BE6xxx



Tested on many old models and new models: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, C30, Concert, Fiat, Nissan, Vw, ..



Open dump for read the CODE from CARD. Push for viewing the INFO from CARD.



Tested on models: VWZ4Z4xxxxxxx xxx 035 152(157)(180)(195)(196) ... maybe anothers 



Tested on CQ-LP1402, CQ-LP2610, CQ-LP2621, CQ-LP2801, CQ-LP2811, CQ-LP3720, PA9611, PA9401



Tested on CQ-YH5072, CQ-JH8814, CQ-JH8161 ...maybe more



Tested on many models... 0000-1999 algo and 0000-9999 also suported !



24C02 Auto

24C04 Auto

24C08 Auto

24C16 Auto

24C32 Auto

24C64 Auto

22 DC 349

22 DC 682

22 DC 751, 752, 755

22 DC 854, 856, 862, 864

22 DC 924

22 DC 983

90 RC 408, 

90 RC 438

BMW Models

Rover Models

VW Models



Tags: Radio

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